About Us

Hello!  Let me introduce you to My Perfect Pal.  We are Karol and Tammy, a mother-daughter team committed to raising healthy, well-tempered puppies.  When we got started in 1995, we decided that we never wanted to see our adults kept in tiny 6 x 6 pens.  To insure that a comfortable living space is provided, instead we have 16 x 48 pens with a 2.5 acre exercising area.  We enjoy providing attention to our adults daily.  We are always striving to improve our facility, the health of our Adults and our lines.

All of our Adults are AKC and ONLY AKC registered. In our opinion AKC is the registry to which all others are measured. We are aware most Other registries will accept any dog with  pedigree--which could include those not fit for breeding or those placed strictly as pets by show breeders.

We are a AKC inspected and State licensed facility.  We do NOT sell our puppies to brokers or pet stores as we enjoy getting to meet the families that adopt our puppies!   We feed all of our adults and puppies with a high quality dog food called NutriSource.   http://www.nutrisourcedogfood.com/nutrisource/     Nutri Source is available at pet food stores or can be ordered direct.   You will find that this puppy food has a 5 star rating.  Puppies seem to fill out and do well with this food.  Our adults and puppies also get to enjoy beef bones and peanut butter on whole wheat sandwiches as treats!! 

All of our puppies are precious to us and are sold with AKC limited registration.  We do this for several reasons.  First of all, we prefer that each of our puppies go to loving homes and are never placed in a puppy mill or a breeding facility that does not meet with our expectations.   Secondly, as responsible breeders, we do the necessary and expensive testing on all of our adults to insure that our puppies are free from any genetic defects and therefore we can not hand out our champion lines to just everyone.  We also try to keep out backyard breeders who only want to buy cheap and do not do the necessary testing on their adults.  Karol and I only want the best for our puppies!  We also want our puppies to be placed in their "fur ever" homes.  We do not want to place a puppy with a person that does not intend to keep it---it's entire life as we never want to hear of one of our puppies going in to a shelter.

Hope you enjoy visiting our site.  :)  A special Thanks to Mandy for making this site possible!

Below are a few pics of our home and facility.

Our dogs have an inside facility where they are able to come outside thru doggy doors to their runs.  Beyond their facility is a 2.5 acre fenced area where they are able to run and play.

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