Our Siberian Husky Adults


  OUR Males  

Dimitri is a beautiful fluffy coat with a playful free spirit personality.  He has produced beautifully coated puppies.  Has a very laid back personality. Dilute Black and white with those beautiful blue eyes.  Weight 70 lbs.


Diesel, Very Black and white the beautiful plush coat and Blue eyes, has a very attentive, full of energy personality.  Weight 58 lbs.


Bear  is  a very very Beautiful Boy.  We want to Thank Dana and Val for sending such a beautiful Husky to us! Gray and White with the Blue eyes.  Weight 65 lbs.



Max, this Handsome boy, is a very loving fellow always looking to see where we are and that he is near us!  

Weight 65 lbs.


This Handsome fellow is Timber!  He is a sweet natured male and genuine and true. Laid back personality.  Blue eyes and weight is 58 lbs.

butterfly kisses

Sweet Butterfly Kisses is as handsome as his sire Bear!  His big fluffy tail is beautiful to see as he runs!  He has a plush coat and the big blue eyes!

weight is 59 lbs.





Journey, Gray and White with the Blue eyes! Sweetest Siberian you will ever find---sooo loving and wanting of my attention.  Such a super momma too.  Weight 48 lbs.


Spirit lives up to her name with being full of spirit and charm.  Nice big structure and has the black and white coat with the blue eyes.  Wonderful mother.  Wt. 54 lbs.



Sterling is our smallest in size, but large with her sweet heart.  Beautiful Gray and White with the Blue eyes. Weight 42 lbs.


Spunky Cinnamon is a fun loving girl! Always greets us exited for what we are about to do! Her beautiful red coat inspired her name Cinnamon!

Blue eyes and weight is 46lbs.


Shadow is our "gotta have some fun" girl!!  She jumps and plays like a puppy.  We want to Thank Dana and Val for such a sweetie.  Weight 48 lbs


Keiko raises the most beautiful puppies and has milk galore for them!  Such a good and loving momma!  Very loving to me as well such a pleasure!  Gray and white with the blue eyes!  wt. 58 lbs.


 Tahinni is a very sweet big girl.  Black and white plush coat with the blue eyes.  Very loving and gentle girl.  She is the daughter of Scarlet and carries on her loving personality.  Wt. 50 lbs.




Bakari is a beautiful red girl with the amber eyes.  Very affectionate and sweet natured.  She has nice conformation and weighs in at 53 lbs.



Aspen is as motherly as they come.  Carefully watches over her puppies and adores them so.  She is also a talker as she has lots to say to me each and every day!!  :)  She has the beautiful blue eyes!  Wt.  56 lbs


Scarlet  is as sweet a husky as can be.  She must greet me with lots of Husky Kisses each day!  Her Blue eyes and red coat make her one pretty girl!  Wt. 53 lbs.




Phoenix  is the busy girl always checking out what is new and happening!  Very young at heart and a very happy girl. She has Blue eyes and a showy red coat!  Wt. 47 lbs.



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