Let's talk...Puppy Food!

We feed all of our puppies NutriSource small/medium breed puppy food. It is a high quality 5 star rated food and the puppies seem to do very nicely on it. :)


We send a Gallon bag with the puppies--but recommend you keep your puppy on at least 1 Full 35lb Bag before switching foods....

should you decide to switch to a different brand.

We just feel being weaned and adjusting to a new home is enough stress on the puppies without also switching the diet immediately---which can cause digestive upset and loose stools. And you don't want that--especially while potty training! :)

You can search where to find it in your area here:


 Also you can buy online here:

www.chewy.com  www.k9cuisine.com or amazon.com

most offer free shipping

Be Safe--Get a Harness

 As far as restraints/leads we highly recommend a Harness as opposed to a collar. Collars are fine for name tag info and bling--but can easily slip over the   neck if not the correct size or fastened securely--leaving the puppy in harms way. Also, pulling from the back as opposed to the throat area is safer and more preferred by the puppy! :)

  A size Medium Adjustable harness for a 18 to 25lb puppy is ideal--we highly recommend both the

Yuppie Puppy and Sporn harnesses like can be found at your local Walmart and most pet supply stores.

It's always important to keep your puppy under your control and safe from harms way--especially in areas of heavy traffic and other pets. They are just babies and will have to learn to trust and respect you as their new provider/owner. :)