Important details for your new puppy! :)

Flight info

I send out flight letters just before your puppy is to be shipped.  I cover the flights, where to pick up the puppy at the airport and all other necessary info!   

Puppy will be shipped in a pet taxi---which can be broken down at the airport if needed to fit in your car.

The 2 main sizes that I use are 26 x 17 x 18 and for the bigger pups 28 x 21 x 22.

After picking up your puppy from the airport---please either email us or call us at 660-564-2116 to let us know puppy is safely home.

A bag of puppy food will be attached to the top of the crate.  You should mix this with the puppy food that you are switching to (if you are changing feed) at a 50/50 ratio.  This will help to keep the stool firm.  For feeding your new puppy at home we suggest starting with 1 and 1/2 cups of food in the morning and same for the evening.  If puppy cleans this amount up then increase amount a bit more.  After puppy has eaten , it will most likely be ready to go outside to potty within 20 minutes or so.  After potty training is done and you wish to leave feed down at all times---this would be perfectly fine.  While in our care puppies are use to going outside to potty on straw.



When purchasing a puppy from My Perfect Pal, it will come with a 2 year health guarantee.  Keep your copy of the signed contract as this is proof of purchase.  Should a puppy replacement be needed, buyer will cover flight costs.


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To adopt one of our babies we require a signed contract.  You can bring 2 copies with you when picking puppy up in person or you can print off a contract, read it, fill in new owner portion, sign at the bottom and scan back in and email to me.  You will receive a signed one back from us which serves as your health guarantee.  Keep this copy in your puppy records.


If driving to pick up your puppy, I strongly urge you to bring a medium sized adjustable harness and leash.  At 8 weeks of age the puppies are normally around 18 to 20 lbs.  Getting a harness rather than a collar puts the pull on the back rather than putting it on the neck.  A puppy reacts to this much better.  No one wants to be pulled around by the neck!  :)  And it could be harmful to the throat area.  Other items you might want to bring: bottle of water and plastic dish, blanket for puppy to ride on beside you in the car, baby wipes for any oooops times!  :), and if there is a final payment due cash please as well as a signed contract if you have not already sent me one.


9 Good Reasons to Spay or Neuter

1-The top reason to spay or neuter is to avoid unwanted pregnancies and litters.  While it seems that everyone loves puppies, not everyone is willing to take on the responsibility of an unplanned litter. Our shelters are already overcrowded and by spaying or neutering your dog you reduce the risk of yet another unwanted litter of puppies.


2-Your female dog will live a longer, healthier life. Dog spaying before her first heat reduces

 your female dog's chances of uterine infections and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal in

 about 50% of unspayed female dogs.


3-Your female will never go into heat, avoiding having to clean up blood stains on your

 furniture and carpeting.

4-Your male dog will also benefit from neutering. If neutering is completed before 6 months of age, you greatly reduce your dog's risk of testicular cancer and a variety of prostate problems.

5-Neutering will lessen a male dog's urge to roam. While some breeds are known for their

 wandering nature, neutering will lessen that urge and prevent injury from car accidents or

 fights with other dogs.


6-Neutering promotes better behavior in male dogs. An intact male dog still has the urge to

 mount and mark his territory. Once neutered, these desires are greatly reduced, if not


7-Dog spaying/neutering is cost effective. While spaying or neutering can be costly, it is not

 nearly as expensive as caring for an expectant female and the puppies that later arrive.

 Many cities and counties also have reduced licensing fees for dogs that are neutered.


8-Neutering does not make your dog fat. Many people use the excuse that spaying or

 neutering their dog will make them fat. Too much food and not enough exercise is what

 makes your dog fat. So long as you monitor your dog's food intake and ensure proper

 exercise, they should maintain a healthy body weight.


9-By spaying your female dog you avoid having the neighborhood stray male dogs hanging

 out around your home while your female is in heat.



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