Our Akita Parents


Miss Sugar and Dallas



Miss Sugar and Dallas

have a Gorgeous litter available!

4 Females and 5 Males

date of birth............10-7-2017

turn 8 weeks old on...12-2-2017

12/7/2017 Pups available include 2, 7 and 9 !!

final payment due for puppies being shipped is 1 week prior

Please do your research and put some thought into owning this breed--Akitas are protective, loyal and very loving of their families and most do not transfer well to new homes--especially as adults. That is why we seek lifetime homes for our babies and we never want them to see the inside of a shelter. Like a child, they depend on you! :)

Our Females are pet priced at $1000 and Males at $1200

11/27/2017 Male 2, Female 4, Male 6, Female 7 and Female 9 are available!!

Male 2....Available as a companion pet to a loving family home!



Female 7....Available as a companion pet to a loving family home!



Female 9....Available as a companion pet to a loving family home!

Puppies below have found their new families to join and are no longer available! 


Gina's Baby!


Kuma is my name and TX is where I found my Fame! My Big Loving Family awaits me! Kitty 'Donut' and Puppy 'Rage' too! :)

Linda and Dan are my new parents and I am so anxious to meet them!!  woof woof!!



My new roomie Neysa---is patiently awaiting my arrival---sending her some sugar!!  XXOOXXOO


Female 4....Lindsay is awaiting the arrival of me and my brother!! XOXO


Male 6....Lindsay is my new mommy!!


 Socialization and training as a puppy is the single most important aspect of owning this breed. Socializing with people, pets and children from an early age can make all the difference in having a well-mannered adult. It is also super important to have respect from your Akita--and be his Pack Leader--and not the other way around. If he respects you and your commands--he will respect others as well. :) 


contact Tammy @ kitnkabootal2@yahoo.com

**Deposits are non-refundable but may be used toward the purchase of another puppy**


When picking a puppy up in person--the final payment is due in cash please.  NO Personal Checks Please.

Final payment for puppies flying--PayPal, Wal-Mart gram or bank transfer---NO Personal checks Please.


contact Tammy @ kitnkabootal2@yahoo.com