Our Proud Parents

Miss Georgia and CH. Chief 



Date of Birth.........3-27-2018

Can leave us......5-25-18

final payment for puppies being shipped is 1wk prior

Please do your research and put some thought into owning this breed--Akitas are protective, loyal and very loving of their families and most do not transfer well to new homes--especially as adults. That is why we seek lifetime homes for our babies and we never want them to see the inside of a shelter. Like a child, they depend on you! :)    



Sweet Female "Hershey" is Jackie's new baby!


Showy Female "Athena" is Rachel's new baby!


Gorgeous Female "Layla" is being loved upon by Victoria!

Mr. Melvin is reserved!



Handsome Male "Melvin" has a new home with Steve and Jennie!!


 Socialization and training as a puppy is the single most important aspect of owning this breed. Socializing with people, pets and children from an early age can make all the difference in having a well-mannered adult. It is also super important to have respect from your Akita--and be his Pack Leader--and not the other way around. If he respects you and your commands--he will respect others as well. :) 



contact Tammy or Mandy @ kitnkabootal2@yahoo.com

**Deposits are non-refundable but may be used toward the purchase of another puppy**

All puppies are born with the blue eyes---if they change color they will do so at 4-6 weeks of age.

When picking a puppy up in person--the final payment is due in cash please.  NO Personal Checks Please.

Final payment for puppies flying--Pay Pal or bank transfer---NO Personal checks Please.