prices under each puppy picture!





Friendly and social and wants to play...play...play "Miss Kuma" --perfect for the home that does not want to go through the puppy phase and potty training---pet only--now $650


Mazie is an affectionate girl looking to please.  Very showy coat---lots of white with some black overlay too!  Potty trained.

Champion sired girl!!

"Miss Mazie"---now $750





King is a gorgeous plush coated boy with a docile personality.  Very sweet pup!   Pet only  $495






Black Male 12..Available as a loving family pet/companion puppy!! :)

Pet priced at $250

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**Deposits are non-refundable but may be used toward the purchase of another puppy**

When picking a puppy up in person--the final payment is due in cash please.  NO Personal Checks Please.

Final payment for puppies flying--Pay Pal, Walmart Money gram or bank transfer---NO Personal checks Please.

All puppies are born with blue eyes---if they change color they will do so at 4-6 weeks of age.