Past Little Pals

Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful Huskies so everyone can enjoy them!  :)


Akira (Nadia / Kazak litter)



and now




Hi Tammy! I just wanted to update you this week since Akira's birthday is coming up! She will be 2 this November 28th and was from your Nadia and Kazak litter in 2010. We came to pick her up in February 2011 and we couldn't be happier with our choice! Akira is the quietest, cleanest and easiest dog we have ever owned! She has grown into such a beautiful dog, and we get compliments on her everyday! Thanks for a wonderful dog!

-Elena and Dan

Thanks for sharing and giving her such a wonderful caring home!  Tammy :)




Mia (Makayla / Max litter)


Hey ladies, just wanted to send a picture so you can see the two sweet innocent lil angels (yeah right) ;) They are doing wonderful together. Kobi wants to play all the time so Mia has to hide from him to get some's actually really cute. He is a great big brother to her though. He woke me up in the middle of the night to let me know that Mia jumped off the bed and was roaming the house. It was awesome, he took me straight to her! Anyhow, thank you both so much for allowing us to raise and love this lil fur ball. Our family us complete now!!!


Thanks Lori for sharing---nice to see them bonding!  :)
Tammy :)


Bhumi  (Makayla / Max litter)





Hello Tammy!

We are all in LOVE!! He is such an adorable little puppy and we are so happy he has finally arrived! I want to thank you so much for him and we are blessed to have him! The kids are in love! When Olivia first saw him this morning she said "BHUMI!!!! i missed you!! " and she is in complete bliss! It brings me great joy to have him join our family and brings me great joy to see my children in complete bliss with him!! He is such an energetic sweetheart! Trying to make him as comfortable and loved as possible since he is missing his family! I will be taking lots of pictures and will send you updates and new photos! I have attached some photos already of him and i think he is very happy!!

thank you so much!~Sandra

Thanks Sandra for sharing the "home coming" as it looks like Bhumi was welcomed fully into the family!

Tammy :)


Shaylee then

and now!


Hello Tammy!!

I was checking out your website again like I always do! I keep thinking about another Huskie!! This "puppy" who is now 6, is so sweet, yet sassy, but still so young at heart. She's like a child to me! I can't thank you enough for such an amazing pet! She still loves to go on runs and play!! I get compliments on her anytime I take her out!!

Here are a couple of pictures!!! I think I have more pictures of her than my daughter! Hope things are going well for you!!
Michelle : )

Thanks for the update Michelle sooo nice to get to see Shaylee all grown up!  And sounds like she is a nice part of your family!  I appreciate you taking the time to email with the pics---love the one with you 2 together and think the one of her outside looking in is a fun shot!  Thanks again, Tammy :)





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