Past Little Pals

Siberian Huskies

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Thank you to all of our past puppy parents for sharing!! :)





Tammy ~
Here are the pictures of Shyanne and Sable that I mentioned I wanted to send you! I've been nursing a sprained back, from digging out of the 19 inches of snow we got, so I'm just getting to it now! Shyanne and Sable at attention ~ begging for a yummy treat... Sable found a red lid from a plastic bucket, and thought it was a frizbie. Shyanne loves to chew on twigs, and Sable thought it was funny when she found my glasses that fell off my head... I didn't know she had my glasses until I snapped the picture!  Shyanne and Sable love to run after each other.  They play hide and seek in the bushes! They are a delight to have, and we love them so much! Thank you again for such beautiful pups!

Much Love,


Hi Tammy!

I just wanted to send along a few "grown up" pictures of Jasper. He just turned a year and a half old and he is amazing. We went through all the training classes at Petsmart and he passed his AKC Good Citizen Test. We visit a local PT clinic and he greets patients and walks around between the tables while they are getting treatment. I would like to get him in at the children's hospital too, just trying to work out hours that fit into my schedule.
He is very affectionate and very much a mama's boy. He constantly has to be cuddling with me or my older husky.

Thanks again for the amazing addition to my family!

All the best,

Very proud to hear that Tina has Jasper helping others that need comfort---Thanks for making this a better world Tina and Jasper! Tammy :) 


   Yukon   RSa  .jpg (40560 bytes)

This is Yukon at almost 6 months old he is 50 lbs and when sitting to the top of his head he is 32 inches tall and when laying down he is 37 inches from the top of his head to the beginning of his tail. his tail is almost 17 inches long. well i hope to hear back from you about him.
Take care and Happy New Year.



17 Kristen Towler RS.jpg (80541 bytes) 17 RS.jpg (62611 bytes) Kristin Towler (1)   RS    .jpg (58460 bytes) Kristin Towler        RSs 1.jpg (95067 bytes)

Hi Tammy! I don't know if you remember me, but I adopted a husky from you a little over a year ago. First of all, thank you so much for taking such good care of your puppies; we couldn't be happier with Nikkita, who is now 16 months old! She has touched many lives as we are in a club through vet school called PALS. I take her to hospitals and nursing homes and she visits the patients. She is so loving and sociable, especially with children and the elderly, who always look forward to her visits. She is also a frequent visitor at the animal hospital I work at where she has made many friends and is always sympathetic towards the sick and injured animals. We are truly blessed! I was actually surfing the internet, considering adopting another dog so Nikki has a friend to run around with at home, when I came across your new website. I could be wrong, but that's my baby on your homepage! I was absolutly delighted to see her showcased! Well I just wanted to keep in touch and let you know how great Nikki's doing. Hope you have a wonderful new year! -Kristen Towler P.S. I attached some pictures so you can see how beautiful and sweet she is. She LOVES to sit in laps or get as close to people as she can. (In pics: in the snow on christmas eve, with me, with my fiance will, and with my mom)


Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS 7    .jpg (51418 bytes)  Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS  .jpg (51277 bytes) Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS 4    .jpg (33869 bytes) Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS 2    .jpg (51521 bytes) Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS 3    .jpg (42589 bytes) Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS 5    .jpg (43949 bytes) Justin and Jessica  Ted E bear   RS 6    .jpg (33739 bytes)    More to come!!  :)

Update 11-4-08

Hi Tammy,
I hope this message finds you and Karol well. I was looking at your web site and saw all the great pictures so I wanted to send an updated picture of Ted E Bear (we call him Bear). He is truly the best dog in the whole world, we absolutely adore him! Bear is coming up on 4 years in February. He's gorgeous! Quite the celebrity in our neighborhood when we go for walks and does not like to let anyone pass without petting him. This can be quite overwhelming to some people as he is a solid 100 pounds! Bear especially loves laying on his deck and playing in his yard with Peek A Boo, his female counterpart. Boo just turned 10 in June.
We'd love to get another dog for him to play with, but not sure Boo can handle another puppy. She's had some major health problems this year. With that said, we will surely be contacting you in the future as our family continues to grow!
Thank you for giving us the best dog ever!
Take care,
Jessica & Justi


 8-18-05   17 (30)     RS     .jpg (46620 bytes) Rucca      RS a    .jpg (31895 bytes) Rucca  RS   .jpg (28843 bytes)

hello tammy, hi i just wanted to send you a few of the pictures that we took of ruca, we are very very happy with her she is real sweet girl. and training her has been a real brezze...thank you so much Raymond



TOBE  Kate Reilly3.jpg (202329 bytes) TOBE Kate Reilly4.jpg (223825 bytes) TOBEKate Reilly5  RS  .jpg (40817 bytes) TOBEKate Reilly6  RS  .jpg (38041 bytes) TOBEKate Reilly_MARK  RS  .jpg (25144 bytes)

Hi Tammy!

It's been a while, I know; but I just wanted to drop you a note and send you some pics of Tobe! I got him from you almost 2 years ago, and the whole town loves him! He's got the best personality you could imagine and he's huge (almost 3 feet tall at his shoulders!), not to mention gorgeous! He's an ambassador for huskies everywhere!

Thanks for everything!


Sherry & Rick have graciously agreed to be references for us---if you would like to email them to ask about their experience buying from us email them at  Thank you Rick & Sherry!  :) 

5-3-06   17 (31)                  RS              .jpg (61750 bytes) 5-3-06   20 (40)                      RS             .jpg (69014 bytes) Gottschalk 3         RS      .jpg (52870 bytes) Gottschalk1  RS  .jpg (71127 bytes) Gottschalk 2     RS         .jpg (68735 bytes) Gottschalk 4   RS     .jpg (74922 bytes) Gottschalk 5                RS          .jpg (68942 bytes) image[6]          Rick & Sherry  RS         .jpg (47530 bytes)

Hi Karol & Tammy,


Well the girls have certainly settled in.  They know the sound of the microwave as it is heating their food for the 10 second cycle, the sound of their bowls, the front door creaking means company....yeah.  They got their first visit with our 18 mo. old granddaughter and everyone hit it off fabulously.  We can't believe how well they travel in the car, usually sleeping and very peaceful.  They love to go for walks and we aren't sure if you did any training with hand signals, but they sit when given the hand signal for sitting.  It is quite funny that the woman who runs the puppy training classes did the signal and they both sat in unison and she did it a few more times and she said boy are they very adaptable to training, Rick & I just laughed and said we don't even know what she did to get them to sit.  She showed us and we have been doing it and the girls sit.  So if you did do some training, it has stayed with them.  They do have a routine they are comfortable with as far as going out to do their business when they awaken and after eating, so there haven't been any little accidents happening.  We do put the puppy pads down during the evening while we are sleeping and if they get up in the middle of the night they go right to them, but during the awake hours they go to the door to let us know they want to go out.


The pictures are of our granddaughter & daughter-in-law getting aquainted.

Rick with his girls while we were out walking in one of the local parks.

The girls doing some exploring in the park.  They just love running through the grasses & dandelions.  Too Cute!

Me and the girls just having some fun on the floor after our park outing.

The girls and their retail therapy at the pet store where they will be starting their puppy training on June 3.



Thank you for these wonderful little gifts of love, we couldn't be happier.  Hope all is well with you and your families.


with love,

Sherry, Rick, Tipitina & Dubonnet

written 10-26-07

Hi Karol &Tammy,

We are all doing just great.  We went on a wonderful vacation with the girls to Nova Scotia in our RV…..via the CAT high-speed ferry boat from Maine to Nova Scotia .  Tipi & Dubie were absolutely perfect little travelers (they slept the entire boat ride in the RV).  They are quite the little goodwill ambassadors wherever we travel.  So many people have asked if we would mind if they had their photo taken with them so that they would have the perfect picture to go home with.  They do get lots of extra attention when they are out and about.  They are also so well behaved.  While in Nova Scotia we were able to have them with us while we dined at outdoor cafes.  They quiet stayed either under the table or at our feet while we ate and other patrons came and went, waitresses serving food, etc.  They are extremely calm & friendly and we couldn’t be prouder of them.  Thank you for the wonderful start you gave to them.

We hope you are all doing well, we see things have been busy by all the adorable puppies we have seen posted.  If ever anyone asks for references, please send them our way.  You are the best!


With love and hugs,

Sherry, Rick, Dubonnet & Tipitina




Prigmore 5           RS          .jpg (83926 bytes) Prigmore 4    RS    .jpg (42297 bytes) Prigmore 7     RS      .jpg (56760 bytes) Prigmore 6 JPG     RS     .jpg (63298 bytes)

Hi Tammy and Karol, Here are some pictures of Toka as he has gotten bigger. I am so happy with him, he has been the best dog! His disposition is wonderful and everyone loves him! Many people have asked me about where I got him and I always recommend you because I know you take such great care of your dogs and it really shows through the exceptional pets that have all gone to different parts of the country! I can't thank you enough. :) Judithann


Chris Edwards 1     RS     .jpg (80556 bytes) Chris Edwards 3           RS            .jpg (63144 bytes) Chris Edwards 2             RS         .jpg (67600 bytes)

my name is chris edwards. i bought a husky pup from you about two years ago now out in colorado. he has been such a great dog. he is currently taken a vacation in california while i am back in iraq for the year. i am seriously considering getting him a partner in crime when i return. he is with my moms scotish terrior and they have become best buds. i think he will get lonely by himself when i get back so i am considering a bud/girl friend for him. i named him zeus. nothing but great things from this dog. he loves traveling in my truck, camping and most of all running! he kept up with me on a dirt bike up in the mountains. he tool a while to get some stubborness out of him. if you let him loose out side the house, once he figured out he wasnt on a leash he would bolt down around the block for about 30 minutes but always came home! such character. i sent some of his pics along with this email chris



img023[1Tamla Page].jpg (30141 bytes) Tamla & Pamla Pagelokira  RS  .jpg (33755 bytes)

Hello again! Just thought I'd send you a little update and pics of Loki and Kira.  They graduated their puppy class and received several compliments from fellow puppy parents and the class instructor alike on their intelligence and manners. They absolutely love the dog park, and their manners with other dogs are even better than their manners with humans. They enjoy wading through the shallows in the lake (don't worry, they're vaccinated against giardia!), but they're still not quite sure enough of their swimming abilities to go any further. They've made friends with all the neighbor dogs, as well as the neighbors themselves. You weren't kidding when you said we'd get stopped while out for walks! I get stopped at least two or three times on every walk. Kira went in for her spay today, so of course Loki has been very vocal all day. He will be getting his neuter here soon in a week or two, and then we'll be getting both of them microchipped. They're getting so big! Loki's head is now level with my hips, and Kira is just a bit shorter. I included some pictures we had professionally done through my sister's clinic. Enjoy! -Tamla


Tundra 35  RS  .jpg (62483 bytes) Tundra_325  RSx  .jpg (88465 bytes) Ottoline pic   RS      .jpg (89231 bytes)

Just wanted to let you know that TUNDRA (Female #35) met her new family on Saturday, September 22. She was a Birthday Present for John. Attached is their picture ~ he adores her! She visited the vet on Wednesday and he said that she looks happy and healthy. I have registered her for training classes so she can be the "Perfect Pal" for John and the rest of the family! Please let me know how you get those great pictures of your puppies. I would love to get a nice picture of TUNDRA to share with family and friends. Domenica


Just wanted to send a new picture of Tundra ~ December 2007.  She is beautiful, loving and the princess of the house.  She will bark at the kids to get-off her favorite chair.  Happy holidays, the Kaht Family.


Bella Ruckman  RS  .jpg (54008 bytes) Bella Ruckman 2  RS   .jpg (51027 bytes) Bella Ruckman 3  RS  .jpg (60864 bytes) odinbella    RS    .jpg (49858 bytes)

Hi Tammy,

I never got to meet you but I know Charlene very well.  I thought that I would send you a photo of Bella.  She was born 25 July 2005.  I would love to see her pics on the website.  I will send more when I get home she is a lot bigger than this.  (she is on the left) that was our male Odin on the right.




7-21-06   12 (22)          RS        .jpg (54177 bytes) 8-2-06   20  (36)        RS      .jpg (83273 bytes) La Rosa 3     RS   .jpg (107060 bytes) La Rosa 7        RS       .jpg (69598 bytes) 

La Rosa  1    RS  .jpg (85975 bytes)

Hi Tammy!

First off I wanted to let you know that we are all doing fine, including the two most beautiful puppies we could ever dreamed of sharing a home with!  I wanted to share with you some of the joys we have had with both Prince and Aurora!  Andrew and Frances have enjoyed every minute with their new puppies!  You have helped create lasting smiles on all our faces.  Thank you so much for two of the most amazing puppies!



Kassha_Skye_5_03  Lemee.jpg (38817 bytes) DSC01548  Lemee   RS   .jpg (46646 bytes) DSC01717  Lemee  RS   .jpg (40389 bytes) DSC01940  Lemee    RS  .jpg (49599 bytes) DSC01955   Lemee RS .jpg (55388 bytes)


Hi Tammy! How are you? First of all, I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the precious gift, Kassha Skye. She is now little bit over 6 months old, and not to mention how beautiful she is, I think she is one of the smartest puppy that I know! She graduated as a top "puppy-student" from both Puppy Kindergarten and Intermediate Class. I was so amazed how quickly she learned all the tricks! Kassha Skye has brought so many smiles, laughter and joy into my life, and into the lives of everyone who meets her---that include my 14 years old Siberian Husky, Forest. Forest has been very lonely since she lost her best buddy, Keeshi, in March. But ever since Kassha Skye's arrival, Forest has been playing like a puppy again with frequent rests:) Everyone loves Kassha Skye, and she has made me a very popular person in my neighborhood, too. I'll attach some pictures of Kassha Skye and Forest so that you can look and see how beautiful and happy she is. I cannot thank you enough for the greatest gift you have given me. Sincerely, Lemee


8-17-06  32 (64)      RS     .jpg (88425 bytes) Smentkowsky 1   RS  [1].jpg (38996 bytes) Smentkowsky  RS 2 .jpg (43570 bytes)

Hello Tammy,

I have been meaning to write you to let you know how Kodie is doing. As you can see by the pictures he is getting really big. He's a great dog and we all love him. He also gets along with our puggle Cuddles. When they are not next to each other they cry. Kodie has been a joy to have around. From the first day we received him and brought him home he has been nothing but fun.  You see, in July we lost our German Shepard suddenly. He was not sick or anything but they think he had a massive heart attack. So when we decided to get another dog we wanted a big one. Even though he is not a nasty dog, I would be afraid of him if I saw him on the street. He loves to give kisses and believe it or not he likes to give hugs. He took his first family Christmas picture. I am so pleased that I chose him and I have to say Thank You. You are a great breeder and take very good care of your dogs. Anyone who gets a dog from you should be very happy. Well Thanks again for Kodie and have a Happy Holiday Season.


Thanks Tammy--


Brandon, Melissa, Amanda, Samantha, Brandon Jr, Cuddles and KODIE


1-25-06 (61)                            RS     .jpg (58915 bytes) 2-4-2006   31 (18)           RS          .jpg (57344 bytes) Denali  1   RS   .jpg (65357 bytes) Denali  2     RS    .jpg (81919 bytes)

Thought you might like to see how amazing he is becoming!  his color changes so frequently but we are always in disbelief of how beautiful he is.  We constantly find ourselves comparing him to all of the other huskies and he is always the best looking.  He is a very good dog.... becoming a little "chewy" lately but he is late back and very, very sweet. Thanks again for all of your help.... we couldn't be happier with him!  i know, i know, there are too many pictures but we couldn't choose.... there are so many.  We call him "biggest D" or "fathead" sometimes (since he is so big)... but most of the time it is shortened to "D."  He and Riley love to play in the backyard and they have a dog door so they can come and go as they choose. 
Hope all is well with you!
Amanda, Brennan, Riley and DENALI



8-17-06  31 (15)      RSa            .jpg (55447 bytes) Picture with no caption   Picture with no caption   Picture with no caption  Picture with no caption  Picture with no caption 

 Monae Skelnar        RS        .jpg (58717 bytes) 

Hello Tammy,
Happy New Year!!  I wanted to give you an update on Juneau.  He is spolied with tons of love.  He is so smart and well tempered.  I wanted to send you this most recent picture of him. 
I hope to give him a Brother or Sister in the near future. 
Take care,
Monae and Family


stephanie & Justin.jpg (95684 bytes)  

A wonderful Christmas card was received 12-2006!!


titan and Deb & Keith IL  RS2  .jpg (113024 bytes) titan and Deb & Keith IL  RS  .jpg (100584 bytes)

Dear Tammy,
              We just wanted to update you on how Titan is doing. He is a very awesome dog and is learning new tricks everyday. He sits very well for all of us. He can also shake and catch. We all love him and the kids are having a blast. Everybody says how pretty he is, how soft he is, and how pretty his eyes are. He is now 25lbs and growing very fast. We think he is going to be one of the bigger Siberian Huskies. He's been to the Vet and is up to date with his shots. We sent a Christmas card but we didn't hear anything back. We want to thank you again for giving us such a great dog and we may get him a playmate in the future. We are attaching some pictures so you can see how he is. Hope to hear back from you. We will keep in touch. Thanks.
Keith, Deborah, Dylan, and Seth


Jessica Waters      RS      3.jpg (26109 bytes) Jessica Water 5  RS    .jpg (29987 bytes) 

Dear Tammy and Karol,
Rosco has been such a joy to have in my life.  He's really bonded well to being the dog of a college kid.  Him and Sammie Jo (the beagle) get along great until he tries to sit on her.  It's actually quite funny to watch.  He's getting bigger every day and it's such a joy to have him to come home to every night.  He loves being outside in the snow that we have been getting and it's quite a sight to see him running around like a crazy person.  Everybody always stops to pet him when he is outside an dhe just loves all of the attention.  He gets along well with my parents dog Roadside and they love to watch him when I'm home.  These pictures are of him at 5 months.  He's gotten so big since I picked him up in December.  It's amazing!!  Anyway, look for more pictures when he gets to be a year old. 


12-5-06   31 (117)                RS            .jpg (76458 bytes) bliz_and_bret   Thorington    RS     .jpg (67102 bytes) Bliz_and_Joe  Thorington   RS    .jpg (21856 bytes) Blizz_looks_at_snow Thorington  RS     .jpg (19852 bytes) Shelly Thorington Blizz  RS  .jpg (62362 bytes)

Bliz!! The boys were (and still are) overwhelmed (my 13 year old’s words). They absolutely are over the moon for him. He slept a lot today (snuggled with us) and once the boys came home he came ALIVE! I’m sure he’s thinking he’s glad there are two other “puppies” for him to play with…he’s running around, chasing the boys, being oh so cute!

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I can’t even tell you how much fun this has been. I’ll continue to send pics as he grows. I think he’s going to be a beautiful dog as he’s already an incredible puppy!

Thanks again.



Angel[1]   Morbeto.jpg (113396 bytes) Trinity[1]       morbeto.jpg (54803 bytes) MORBETO_246[1].jpg (116432 bytes)

Hi Tammy!

I just wanted to write to tell you that our girls are doing very well!  Remember we got Trinity first and she needed a buddy so we got her half-sister.  Trinity's parents are Mishka and Saunook and Angel's parents are Nadia and Saunook.  They are extremely beautiful and are a very important part of our family.  To say that they are spoiled is an understatement!  They are typical huskies though...they do love to dig and howl and steal food and chase each other at 90 mph around the house but our family wouldn't be the same without them.  I have attached some pics so you can see firsthand how beautiful they have become.  We take them shopping at Petsmart and we are always mobbed by people that we call their "fans" asking to pet them and telling us and them how gorgeous that are. Angel is trying to sit in my lap as I am writing this...she sure is loveable.  Thank you very much for giving us two very special girls.  We sure do love them.  I hope all is well with you and Karol! :) I look at your site every once in awhile to see all the new editions and to see how cute they are! 

P.S. Trinity and Angel were both the "last pick" in their litters....can you believe that?



Hi Tammy,

Just checking in to let you know that Keiko is doing well!  He has grown so much and looks so much like his mother, Mishka.

He is definitely a hand full.  He goes from 0-90 in under 60 seconds.  He loves to play with our little Yorkie, Mickie Mouse and our little mini Pomeranian, Gizmo.

He is a wonderful addition to our family.  He fits in so well.  We could not have picked a better puppy for us.  If we had a crystal ball and could have looked into it back in March when he was born and saw what he would look like and seen his personality, he would have been the one for us.  He is every thing that we wanted in a puppy.  He is so big now he doesn’t look much like a puppy but he sure acts like one.  His only down fall is he is absolutely terrified of taking a bath.  He will swim in our pool but he panics when we try to put him in the tub or use a water hose out side for a bath.  We have taken him to a wonderful groomer and even they can’t get him to calm down and get his bath.  He literally sounds like some one is killing him. Any tips you might have are greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for our new love, Keiko.  We have been thinking about getting him a little sister to play with.  Ok, I have been thinking about it and trying to talk my husband into getting another one.  My kids have my back on this one.  They are really persistent so you may be hearing back from us in the near future.

Thanks once again,



dog%Gwen Sexton  RS  .jpg (57952 bytes) dogGWEN SEXTON   RS      .jpg (60669 bytes)

This is Dakota Sexton he is the joy of our life. Thanks to you and your daughter. He has such a unique personality.
He also is the best behaved Siberian Husky he can walk without a leash. Thank you again for bringing him into
our lives. Have a wonderful holiday season.


  Sarah  RS       .jpg (25892 bytes)  Sarah  RS  .jpg (59045 bytes) Kiya and Sarah     .jpg (323273 bytes) Kiya and Sarah   2   .jpg (251089 bytes)

H Tammy!
Just letting you know how big Kiya has gotten and how much she has turned out like her parents Apache and Princess Simba.  She is now two years old and the best thing that has happened to me.  She loves to have fun, play in the snow, cuddle, be affectionate, and also be lazy. Christmas is coming up and I wrapped her presents.  And of course by going behind my back, she gets into her presents and starts chewing on her bones.  Kiya is very smart and has a good sense of smell especially her Christmas presents.  Thank you so much for providing and bringing her into my life.  She is the most enjoyable to be around and makes me happy.  Thanks again for everything.
Happy Holidays!
Kiya and Sarah


Meeko gates  .jpg (71773 bytes) Meeko  Wanda Gates  .jpg (78047 bytes)

 Just thought I would send you a few pictures of Meeko and my grandaughter. They are really good buddies, they play all the time together. Meeko has also brought a lot of life back into our other husky who is 13 years old now. Meeko has been a hand full for awhile, she likes to dig after it rains in the yard, likes to eat anything paper. But she is calming down now a little. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year


  Vader Jenai   1  .jpg (92867 bytes) Vader Jenai  3  .jpg (79837 bytes) Vader Jenai  2 .jpg (64056 bytes)

Hi Tammy, and Karol,

Tony and I just wanted to send you a little update of Vader.

He's loving it here in MN, especially now that there's snow everywhere!

I've attached some pictures for you to see how he's grown.

Thanks again so much!

We love him like crazy!

Tony and Jenai


Randy Jensen RS 1.jpg (49021 bytes) Randy Jensen RS 2.jpg (54517 bytes)

We thought you would like an updated on our puppy, we named her Kiska.  It's been a month and a half since we have brought her home, she is about 20lbs now and has fit into the family really well.  I have to say, out of four huskies I've raised, she is by far the most fun.  She has a great personality and really likes to play with everyone.  Our older husky is happy again and they play all the time.  Kiska also really likes to playing with our boys and they spend a lot of time together.  She is everything we really were hoping for in a new puppy for the family.

I just wanted to thank you again for the hard work you do with raising such fantastic dogs.   Please keep up the good work with how you manage your dog families.   I'm sure it's a lot of work but you bring happiness to a lot of families....and older huskies :)

Here's an older picture of her right after we came home to us.  We'll send updates of her in the future.

Thanks again,

Tierni Fournier  RS 1 .jpg (77681 bytes) Tierni Fournier  RS 2 .jpg (18622 bytes) Tierni Fournier  RS 3 .jpg (55214 bytes) Tierni Fournier  RS 4 .jpg (65783 bytes)

Karol & Tammy,
 We just wanted to let you know how Jackson Alexandar is doing. He grew up to be a very handsome boy. He gets compliments all the time, but he doesn't let it go to his head. It took a day for our kitty Lilly to get used to him but now they love to wrestle around. They act big and tough but when the other isn't around you can see them looking for the other. He is definitely stubborn, but we love him with all of our hearts and I just wanted to let you guys know and say thank you once again. We'll send more pictures soon.
Tierni, Brian, Jax, and Lilly :)


Michael Snyder  RS  1  .jpg (64139 bytes) Michael Snyder  RS 2 .jpg (47491 bytes) Michael Snyder  RS   3  .jpg (52132 bytes)

Hey! She and I are doing great! Though she does seem to have a thing more toward girls D= She likes to play with my sister and follows her almost everywhere, even up-stairs! She is getting very talkative, barking and howling. I've been trying to get her started on walking with me, she is being stubborn and just sits or lays when we go outside. She came pretty well potty trained it seems, she will cry when she has to go out. We've only had a few accidents. Just though I'd give you an update! Thanks a bunch for her, she is wonderful!



Malinda Hagenhoff  RS      1 .jpg (45769 bytes)

Just wanted to let you know how Koda is doing (male 45) This first day has been pretty stressful I think for him.  I dont think he enjoyed the long car ride.  When we got home I didnt realize that my daughter had let my labrador out and Koda was pretty scared at first.  It has taken him all evening but he is finally getting ok with his surroundings.  I still dont think he is ecstatic  yet but he is ok with it.  Not so scared now.  I will send Picts soon.
I really want to thank you for such a beautiful puppy.  My husband hasnt even met him except through picts and he is showing him off to all of his buddies over there through your web site.  He has always wanted a Siberian Husky and now he has and adorable one.
Thanks Again

Note from Tammy :)  Malinda's husband is stationed in Iraq--We wish him a speedy & safe return home.



9-22-07   15 (61)        RS         .jpg (81198 bytes) 10-5-07   15 (171)              RS                     .jpg (79170 bytes) John StClairs Max.jpg (51302 bytes)


We purchased a puppy from you (puppy #15) last October (born on 8/14).  He’s doing great…I thought I would send a couple of pictures your way.  He’s much bigger now than the picture as it was taken in late November or early December when we had our first big snow.  He likes the snow and cold weather!  His name is “Max”.  We’ll send some more when we get a chance.




Joannedusik diesel  .jpg (65534 bytes) Joannedusik diesel  1  .jpg (71073 bytes)

Hi Tammy,

Thought I would let you know that we all made it through the night. After fighting with customs, they needed to know the exact amount we paid for the crate and Diesel so they could charge us all the appropriate taxes (they get you coming and going), we all settled in for a nice night. It was not Diesel in Harlee’s face it was the other way around. Harlee was so excited I thought she would go crazy. We got up twice during the night. Diesel does not like to be left alone. I have sent a few pictures so you can see that he loves his new Daddy and now that Harlee has settled down a little they can both get comfy on my bed. I am sure the fun is just beginning!!!! Thank-you again for allowing Diesel into our lives and I will jot you a line from time to time and let you know how things are going.

  Talk soon, Joanne

UPDATE 5-12-08

Joanne Dusik 2.jpg (89936 bytes) joannedusik  2 .jpg (125650 bytes)

 Just a short note to say Happy Mother's Day and to let you know how our little boy is doing. Did I say little? OOPS!
Diesel is growing like a bad weed. We have not had him weighed lately but he is now as tall as Harlee and a bit huskier. Polite way of saying wider. They enjoy chasing each other around all day and I think they started thier own landscaping business. They should have thier own pool dug by next week and all the holes for new trees by the week after. All in all he is doing wonderfully and is a great joy have around.  Hope you have a great day.  

Diesel and Joanne



1-23-07   7 (91)               RS             .jpg (49390 bytes) 1-23-07   7 (87)           RS            .jpg (86024 bytes) Charlie Yeager Kita   RS   .jpg (50094 bytes) Charlie Yeager Kita  3  RS  ].jpg (79934 bytes) Charlie Yeager Kita  2  RS             .jpg (101746 bytes)

Charlie wanted to share pics of his buddy Kita!!  Thank you Charlie!!

Tammy :)


7-24-09   1 (3)         RS         .jpg (40813 bytes) 8-7-09   1 (1)        RS            .jpg (68203 bytes) koda1 nick bacon.jpg (42900 bytes)koda2nick bacon.jpg (37332 bytes)koda3nick bacon.jpg (40769 bytes)koda4nick bacon.jpg (39329 bytes)koda5nick bacon.jpg (52991 bytes)

Tammy and Karol,

Hey!  This is Nick , I bought a puppy from you a couple months ago, Koda (Male #1), one of Journey and Max's litter.  I just wanted to shoot you an email with some pictures attached of how he is coming along!  These range from about 9 weeks up to his current size at about 15 weeks.  Enjoy!

Thanks again!



Amber Deal 1 RS        .jpg (47751 bytes) Amber Deal 2       RS              .jpg (121619 bytes) Amber Deal 3        RS         .jpg (38675 bytes) Amber Deal 5       RS            .jpg (137631 bytes) Amber Deal 6    RS         .jpg (72025 bytes)

Amber Deal 7           RS             .jpg (62734 bytes) Amber Deal 8         RS          .jpg (91665 bytes) Amber Deal 10   RS    .jpg (53848 bytes) 

Rhaven is brought home in Jan of 06 She is the most beautiful and loving girl...The relationship she and I have is out of this world. She and Trooper quickly became friends...They together ate shoes.,,Lamps...turtles..Couches,,,And the potty training ..lets just say it got messy, But the fun I have had with My huskies are irreplaceable...My heart has opened up to a new world and I have became "their" Breed. Rhaven and I have this look we can give one another...Its something out of the ordinary..But this look we share tells each  of us the love we have for One another. Trooper was taken from both of us by an angry neighbor with  a gun On Aug 20 2009...She and I miss him more than we can express. She cried and Howled for nights,,,Ive taken her with me every where ,the vet said to entertain her so I am doing my best. I could never replace trooper, But she may need a companion again,,, Thank you...For Having such a great breed and Maybe One Day I'll buy from you again.
Amber D... From Alabama



Hey Tammy,

I am writing to share some pictures of Nala and Dakota with you.  They are just over 8 months old now.  They are absolutely wonderful.  We wanted to thank you again for such great puppies!  They have completed our family.  Nala is extremely playful and likes to jump and tries to be a lap puppy.  Dakota is a little more calm and loves to give kisses.  She loves to run while my son is skate boarding!

Thanks again,



4-1-09     19 (63)          RS           .jpg (69500 bytes) Kona Galbally RS  .jpg (43588 bytes)

Hi Tammy,

This is Kona, she is 10 months now and weighs about 45 lbs. She loves the water!!! We took her to a lake this summer and we could barely keep her on the boat. She is wonderful and has an extremely loving personality. We have been socializing her since day one and recently
she received her AKC Canine Good Citizen. She has changed our lives and we are hoping that she can do the same for others.

Mike & Mel

Congratulations to Kona and  her family on her award as we know it takes time and commitment to get these!  :)


2009-11-2   32 (8)         RS           .jpg (60595 bytes) 2010 Tina Scully jaspernanook.jpg (61051 bytes) 

Jasper!!  :)


Hi Tammy,

I don't have a contact email for Charlene, I know the puppy I bought was from her, I apologize for sending this through you. 
So glad that you did Tina!  :)  
I just wanted to pass along a few pictures and let you know how wonderful he is. He just turned 4 months. I have him in puppy class and he is amazingly smart and catches on quite quickly. They reinforce clicker training and he responds immediately to it, recalling very well for such a young pup. He adores his big brother and definitely has become the boss of him! But my older dog, NaNook, tolerates him quite well. He uses NaNook as a jungle gym all the time.

Take care and thanks again for such a wonderful pup!



2010-1-2  66 (72)         RS           .jpg (62950 bytes) wpe2.jpg (25396 bytes) wpe4.jpg (15162 bytes) wpe6.jpg (25089 bytes) wpe8.jpg (20407 bytes) 

Hello Tammy & Karol,
Here are a few pictures of Gracie.  Enjoy.  She is doing great, still working on potty training, not too many accidents, she has climbed out of the baby gate, so her and TJ get to roam the house while we are at work, so far so good.  We have had her on a leash 3 times now and she does surprising well.  TJ and Gracie do gang up on our kitty, but Shamoo holds his own.  We all sleep on the bed at night, TJ, Gracie and Shamoo and Rich and I.  We love Gracie very much.  Thanks again for such a great puppy.
Rich & Tammy


3-25-08    12 (63)           RS           .jpg (56056 bytes) 4-9-08  12 (1)              RS              .jpg (79798 bytes) 3-3-09   14 (94)             RS             .jpg (35445 bytes) 4-1-09     14 (44)          RS          .jpg (51132 bytes) Ryan Pelz  3.JPG (844930 bytes) Ryan Pelz  4.JPG (965806 bytes) Ryan Pelz  2.JPG (926137 bytes)

Hi Tammy,
Just wanted to send you an update on Gilbert and Fitz with some pictures.  As you can probably tell from the pictures, Fitz was quite the handful and quickly got over his shyness after a day or two.  Gilbert definitely likes having a playmate around too. They have been extremely happy with all the snow that we've had this winter and always want to go out and play.  Gilbert will be turning 2 and Fitz will be turning 1 this February.  Now that Luka and I have finished up w/ college, we are trying to find a place with a big fenced in yard so that they can run around and play all they want.  My parents have a backyard like that and these 2 play all day with their basset hound (its tough for him to keep up though).  Just wanted to say thanks for such great puppies.
I was looking through your newest puppies and cannot believe that no one has reserved male 58 and 59 from the Angel and Butterfly Kisses litter, they are adorable. 
Thanks again and I hope the pictures work,



Hi Tammy!

Oh my gosh..where has the time gone since MAY when you sent us the best husky EVER!! :)

Re-meet Miles...all 9 months and HUGE amounts of him! haha  He's off the charts...about 30 inches at his shoulder :)  His light red puppy color has given way to the most amazing rusted deeper red....and his coat is sooo thick, yet incredibly soft!!

Aside from some "help" he gave me digging some holes in the yard..haha...he's been very un-husky..but in the very BEST way :)  He comes when called 100% of the time! ..he is excellent on leash..he likes to play fetch!! ...he will sit for attention, and in general, is sooo well behaved. His health has been PERFECT. He was "fixed" at 6 months and came through fantastic..he turns heads whenever we're out. :)

We're in the middle of our first major winter storm here in NY, and he's in heaven!! He jumps, dives, and nearly flips turning around so fast when he's running out back..he loves it! haha  You can see the devilish look in his eyes in the one picture..hah! He's so happy when it is time to go out..but, equally happy to come in, and he lays right at my feet. :)

I sent two pictures I took yesterday..and one from May, soon after he came home in case you didn't have any young ones on file :)  I'm sure there's so much more to tell you, but I wanted to send these to give you a look at this beautiful young man. :)

Thank you so much...he is so loved!
Mary, Miles, and family




Hi Tammy

Hi Tammy,

I ran across your website as I was cleaning my computer up and I wanted to send a picture of Kobie.  He's almost 4 this coming May.  

He's so wonderful....he's the best running buddy I could ask for.

Ashlie, Lincoln NE






Hi Tammy, & Karol.

Thought you might like a pic of Misha who is now an official Hoosier J  He is one remarkably handsome young man…!

Fritz and Deb

Thanks Tammy.  He already is filling our hopes.  He house trained easily, learns quickly, is calm, and is perfect in every way.  He is a bit shy of strangers away from home, but we are working on that.  He is growing quickly and he is so beautiful and handsome!  Tell Charlene thanks for breeding such a wonderful boy.



 A Journey and Dimitri pup!  :)



Hi Tammy,
I thought I would share a picture of Athena with you. We got her from Karol and yourself about a year and a half ago. She is such a good girl and we get lots of compliments about how beautiful she is. We recently had a baby and they are best buddies, as you can see in the picture! My husband and I often say that she is Mason's "body guard." Wherever Mason is, Athena is not to far away!! Thanks again for such an awesome puppy!
Justin, Nicole & Mason 

Thank you for the pic of Athena and Mason!  Tammy :)


Sterling/Max litter




Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to update you on Bentley! (Gray Sterling litter Male #2) – He thought he would be sneaky and ride the lawnmower. He is such a joyful dog I love him with all my heart. His newest feature is speaking with us; I’m trying to teach him how to say “I love you”

The second picture he attempted to drive my car – he wasn’t too successful with that one; think he better stick to being an adorable puppy!

Thanks again for my excellent bundle of joy!!!

-Trisha M

Thank you Trisha for the update on Bentley!!  :)  Tammy :)




I have added a few more pictures of Peejo!  He is such a sweet & spoiled boy!  His personality is terrific and he is such a social guy.  We got him when he was 9 weeks old, and he just turned 4 yrs old on last Sat, and in the 4 years we've had him, he has NeVeR met a stranger! 

Thank You Jodi for the update on Peejo and also for giving your newest addition, Duncan, (Nadia's male # 3) a fun and loving home!!  Keep in touch!  As I would like some pics of Duncan to add to this page too!  :) Tammy :)


Makayla & Denali past litter





Hi Karol and Tammy,
You asked us to report back in a week or so about what we think of Nanook’s (formerly male #88) temperament.  In short, he is a piece of work.  He has never met a stranger, be it human or dog and he knows no fear.  He is always ready to play with anyone or anything that will play with him.  He loves to be held and get his belly rubbed.
He made himself at home right away and there was virtually no adjustment period.  We picked him up on Saturday and by Sunday he was housebroken (so long as we keep him in the kitchen/family room area).  He just takes himself out the doggie door. 
He is very busy and in everyone’s business.  He loves toys and seems to think that it is his job to take everything on the inside of the house outside of the house. 
He is deceptively well behaved in public.  I brought him to visit a neighbor who had several guests over.  They ALL fell instantly in love and all wanted to take him home with them.  One even remarked that she didn’t like dogs, but she wanted him.  They all kept raving that he was the sweetest, most docile puppy they had ever seen. 
He has the exact SAME temperament as Juneau (formerly Male #1)!  This is what I was trying to describe to you when we met, but I think I gave you the wrong impression when I said that he is not easily dissuaded.  Juneau and Nanook are soul mates and now the best of friends.  When the other huskies have tired, Juneau and Nanook are still ready to play and take on the day. 
Needless to say, we’re really enjoying him.  It is clear that these puppies are well loved and socialized by the two of you long before they go to their permanent home.  Megan and I can’t help but check in on your site from time to time to see the new arrivals.  They are soooo adorable, but we are ABSOLUTELY done adopting huskies.  I think four is well over our quota, but we are just crazy about their fun and quirky personalities.  Thanks for the great job that you do.
PS  Attached are some photos


Sierra Shilo litter!







Hi, girls....

Just thought you might want to see how he has grown....he is the most amazing, lovable, smartest puppy ever! He and Brianna as you can tell are best buds and I think it is because of their both insatiable energy for each other, lol...they wear each other out...

Thank you, thank you we love him so much and are so proud when people say "he is the most beautiful husky we have ever seen".....

Hope all is well with you guys....take care and we will continue to send you updates.

Best Regards, Patty and Errol



Hi Guys, us again, wanted to send you the latest pic (with HIS blanket (towel he loves) and of course Brianna) came home and went right next to Brianna (as usual) after his final rabies shot!!

He now jingles around the house with his AKC, Rabies, and our own Reward if found tag!!! and is 40 pounds, we can't believe it....he is still a puppy to us!!! Soooo loving, amazing, greatest dog ever....we laugh soooo much with him, because we never feed him "our food" unless it "accidentally falls" so everytime we are in the kitchen he stares at the floor for so many minutes, we all laugh, because he never, ever begs, but it is so cute to watch him stare at the floor, what a great dog....cause he always "finds" something on the floor...lolo

Isn't he beautiful???? He is the colors of the typical Orangesicle, lololo He is amazing...I am sure you guys get alot of these kinds of emails but be assured I am amazed at the dog I have, and wish I had room for 10 more of your pups, thank you!!! Love, Patty and Errol,  NJ




Hi Tammy,

Here are a few pics of Sammo here in NJ (he is 6 yrs old now! but he still thinks he's a pup which is fine by us :) ~Take care and thank you again..he is amazing! Patty and Brianna

I would like to Thank Patty for all of the wonderful updates!  It is sooo much fun watching puppies and families grow thru the years!  Thank You sooo much Patty!

Tammy :)

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